Springwood Ceramics

Springwood Ceramics was set up by me – Nick Payne.

After a career in IT I wanted to do something different when I retired. I’ve always been creative and as my father was a Ceramics Teacher for most of his career and instilled in me an interest in kilns, clay and glazes. The decision was easy. I wanted to make pots!

I have been growing Bonsai Trees for over 30 years and during that time I’ve developed an increasing fascination for Bonsai pots in their infinite variety. Their shapes and colours, textures and glazes, clay bodies, finishes, proportions and the way all these things come together to create the perfect frame to show off a tree at its best.l

To take what is in effect mud, and turn it into a beautiful and useful object that will outlast its creator by millennia is a very reassuring thought.

All my pots are hand made – either by slabbing or coiling – and all are different. No two pots are the same. The glazes I use are all mine as well, mixed from raw oxides and clays.